Corporate Law

Allegiance International attorneys have expertise in corporate law and compliance. We can assist you in managing compliance with the Companies Law in the UAE and other Middle East countries, as well as the US and European Corporate Laws. We have extensive experience in drafting corporate documents, such as Articles of Association, Memorandums of Association, Incorporation Documents, Corporate By-Laws, Board Resolutions, Shareholder Resolutions, Board Meeting agendas, Board Meeting Minutes and other such documents.


We also have extensive experience in corporate structuring and restructuring, as well as due diligence studies, and all other services related to Mergers and Acquisitions, and similar transactions on a local and international scale. Our experts have legal experience in the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East (particularly UAE and other GCC countries) in this regard.

Our team also has a great deal of experience in drafting, reviewing and creating franchising, distribution, agency and other contractual arrangements. Our firm can facilitate the creation of representative offices or registered addresses for offshore corporations in the UAE, Europe, or in other jurisdictions, as well as the creation of offshore, franchise, or branch offices in such locations.


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