Litigation and Dispute Resolution


                                                                                               Litigation, Dispute Resolution, and the Dispute                                                                                                             Resolution process is our specialty. Our legal team                                                                                                       has  negotiated, settled and successfully litigated                                                                                                         many cases in the UAE, Bahrain, Middle East, US and                                                                                                 Canada. The team also has extensive experience in                                                                                                     Arbitration, mediation, and alternative dispute                                                                                                               resolution. Allegiance International is a go-to firm for                                                                                                   solving your legal disputes.  


                                                                                               Litigation and Disputes be it commercial or non-                                                                                                         commercial, are sensitive matters for our lawyers.

All 5 fingers of a hand are different. So it is natural that disagreements can arise for minor reasons.

The Disagreement can then progress to a dispute, and if it is not treated well, it may cause severe liability for the individuals involved.


Allegiance International is a leader when it comes to giving legal advice, resolving and managing matters related to litigation and dispute resolution. Our clients include Individuals, Businesses, Nonprofits and public corporations.

The Following are the type of cases we have handled recently:

  • High value contractual and commercial disputes involving service agreements, the sale of goods, and ownership rights 

  • Consumer disputes, debt recovery, damaged goods, contracts, partnerships, corporate disputes

  • Insurance Cases and Disputes   

  • Real estate disputes between landlord and tenants over rents, security deposits, damage repair.

  • Property disputes involving property owners

  • Property transfer, construction, boundaries 

  • Labor Cases 

  • Civil Cases, Divorce Matters, Personal Status Matters (Estate Law)

  • Criminal Cases involving theft, fraud, embezzlement, indecent conduct, and others

  • Bankruptcy cases

  • All kinds of civil and commercial cases. 

  • Execution of judgment (i.e. for collections, such as debt collection)

  • Collections (i.e. debt collection)


 Statistics show that 90% of all cases are settled before a judgment is reached. Dispute resolution and settlement is a skilled art which Allegiance has years of experience with.  Settlements can also reduce the cost burden for all parties, and this is a part of the value addition we provide to our clients. Settlements reduce the burden and load on the court system as well, and therefore many judges are more than happy to encourage litigants to settle their matters out of court.



However, when settlements fail, it becomes incumbent to try your case with all our effort, experience, and expertise.


Therefore, we can be your one-stop solution for disputes, whether you need legal advice, representation, or any form of guidance. Pick up the phone and call! 


(Our lawyers are licensed in Dubai, Bahrain, the United States, and India).


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